"Mobile Money Code" by Greg Anderson

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Creator: Greg Anderson

Description: Mobile Website Optimisation Software

Cost: $49 / $19

Website: www.mobilemoneycode.com



Hey there, I guess if you're reading this then you've probably been scouring the internet, looking for an unbiased review of Greg Anderson's Mobile Money Code and have noticed that all of the positive "reviews" out there have a "Buy Now" or "Add To Cart" button and are actually nothing but sales pages written by affiliates who are trying to get you to buy it, so they can make a commission from Clicksure, and have probably not even bought it themselves...so I hope you find this a little bit more useful!

Like a lot of these "get rich quick" programs, Mobile Money Code has a flashy sales video with a bunch of actors pretending to be filthy rich and telling you how you can make a fortune as well if you spend the $49 on Greg's software (or $19 if you click away from the page). 

So what is Mobile Money Code exactly, what does it consist of and does it actually do what it promises or is it just another scam created to line the pockets of some lazy, dishonest marketer?

Well, call me a cynic but to me it looks like nothing more than a vehicle to try to get you to buy other stuff. Once you've coughed up the $49/$19, you first sign up for the "members' training" and get a little welcome video...then they start hitting you with the upsells. You get a "free" website gift which you have to pay hosting charges for, free weekly "coaching" webinars which just try to sell you more stuff and 5 free videos which essentially consist of people boasting about their income and trying to get you to buy yet more stuff.

When you actually go to buy the software in the first place, they even add another two items to your shopping cart, without asking you, for a further $89 and $98...sneaky eh?!

As for the content itself, it's basically fluff that you can find elsewhere for free and certainly won't make you a millionaire overnight. The idea is that the software enables you to convert normal websites into mobile-ready websites, i.e. websites that are designed to be viewed on a smartphone, so the principle behind it is that you can then go out and make a ton of money from local business owners who (apparently) are going to jump at the opportunity to pay you two or three hundred dollars to make a mobile site for them.

So you'd better get ready to start doing some cold calling...enjoy!

As I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of "reviews" of Mobile Money Code out there but I challenge you to find a single positive one written by someone who isn't trying to get you to buy it from them. On the other hand, there are also plenty more reviews by people who actually have bought it...and these paint a rather different picture...

For a start, you can forget all about the "60 Day Money Back Guarantee" - if you've been suckered into buying the upsells as well, you'll find yourself up to $500 poorer when you try to get your money back and can't get a reply from their customer services. The fact that Mobile Money Code is being sold through Clicksure (who have an unfortunate reputation for selling scam/low quality products and not being particularly good at offering refunds), as opposed to a reputable marketplace like Clickbank for example, should also ring a few warning bells - as of January 2014, Clicksure have 196 unresolved complaints registered against them on Scambook - see  http://www.scambook.com/company/view/25984/ClickSure.

Folks, I know these flashy sales videos can make pretty much anything look good at first glance - I mean, who wouldn't like to earn easy money, retire young, travel the world, buy a luxury yacht, live in a mansion and drive a Lamborghini - but, like with everything else, if something looks too good to be true, it usually is.

If you're sick of trying trying to sift through all the scams out there and you genuinely want to make money online, there are a couple of excellent opportunities which I can highly recommend, which cost absolutely nothing and which you can earn good money from, provided you're willing to put the time and effort into learning a few new skills and putting them into action. 

That's right....Shock, Horror! You need to put a bit of work in to make money!! ;-)

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Well, that's about it from me for now folks, I hope you found this review helpful :) 

You can find a video version of this review at http://youtu.be/z1pNGRiS4Iw

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